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Imagine meeting the perfect person on the perfect date, and all you had to do is show up!

In today’s world of dating, social media has made dating socially awkward! “Desire and Spice” re-introduces the mechanics of dating on very intimate level. A master chef, a three course meal, and a luxurious disclosed location makes for an unforgettable experience on an unforgettable date! Two complete strangers are paired over an elaborate meal built based on their own personal dating profiles.

Meet The Hosts


A Bit About Nico

Chef Nico Shumpert is a private chef and culinary influencer based in Decatur, GA. Both his roots and his reach are focused on combining good

food with good company.





A Bit About Dacia

Dacia Polk is a seasoned local entertainment hostess with a passion for bringing excitement and joy to audiences. With years of experience in the industry, Dacia has become a well-known figure in the entertainment scene, known for her infectious energy and magnetic personality.


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