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Dacia "Innergy" Polk


Dacia's career as an entertainment hostess began as a natural progression of her love for entertaining and connecting with people. Her bubbly and outgoing nature quickly caught the attention of event organizers and producers, leading to numerous opportunities to host various local events, parties, and functions.

Dacia's ability to engage and captivate audiences sets her apart as a top-notch hostess. She effortlessly creates a welcoming and lively atmosphere, ensuring that guests thoroughly enjoy themselves from start to finish. Her professionalism and adaptability allow her to cater to a wide range of events, from corporate gatherings to live concerts, charity fundraisers, and everything in between.

Dacia Polk's talent, charisma, and dedication make her a sought-after hostess in the local entertainment scene. With an impressive portfolio of successful events and an unwavering commitment to entertaining and engaging audiences, Dacia continues to leave a lasting impression wherever she goes. 

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