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In today’s world of dating, social media has made dating socially awkward! “Desire and Spice” re-introduces the mechanics of dating on very intimate level. A master chef, a three course meal, and a luxurious disclosed location makes for an unforgettable experience on an unforgettable date! Two complete strangers are paired over an elaborate meal built based on their own personal dating profiles.

The series explores themes of substance, vanity, morality, and the nature of truth. It examines the complexities of human desire, the motives behind actual courtship, and the impact of romance on people and their ability to connect beyond the over sexualized stigma of dating in current times.


Match making is a very delicate and strategic process! In order for our experts to ensure the best dating experience please take our dating questionnaire, and tell us little bit more about you!

If you would like to participate in this unique dating experience, please submit your 1 minute video. Give us a little about yourself, and what your looking for in a potential date!
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